The Smarterer REST API

The Smarterer REST API is used for accessing and modifying data within the Smarterer System. For more background on what a REST API is, you can read this REST Wikipedia Article.

Smarterer's REST API is used for the following tasks (among others):

    • Registering and authenticating users using OAuth 2.0
    • Searching for tests
    • Getting user profile information, such as getting and displaying Test Scores of your users
  • Before getting started with the Smarterer REST API, you must first register an application. Registration requires a (free) Smarterer account.

    API registration & resources

    To preserve privacy for our users, each user must authenticate to give an API partner explicit permission to use their data. In order to allow third-party apps access to this data while keeping our users' data safe, we use the OAuth 2.0 standard.

    We also have an extensive set of API Docs to help you get the most our of the Smarterer API.